He is a teenager and a replica of his twin sister because he has a slim and short physique. Below his hair lies two gold hooped earrings and around his neck lies an orange bandanna. He loves to don a white long-sleeve shirt and a black short-sleeve shirt with a bold inscription of the Red Ribbon Army’s logo over it. A belt helps to keep his blue jean trouser (with a tear above the left knee) in place and also wears another belt below it to carry his pouch and gun holster. He wears blue and white sneakers with green socks beneath it and during his appearance in Super 17 Saga, he wore a knee-length jacket and a tan. In the Buu Saga, he sports a blue jacket over his clothes.

The respective human names of Android 17 and Android 18 are “Lapis” and “Lazuli” and when combined, they form “Lapis Lazuli” which is a term used to call a precious stone that is valuable for its deep-blue color.

Android 17 was portrayed as more than an anarchist and it was later revealed that he hated cybernetics, and Android 18 exposed this when he declined Cell’s attempt to merge with him (Android 18). After his revival from the grips of Cell, he lived a peaceful life in obscurity and later in Dragon Ball Z, he provided the energy needed to power up Goku’s Super Spirit Bomb that destroyed Kid Buu.

He later merged with Hell Fighter 17 (a version of himself created by scientists in Hell) to form Super 17 in Dragon Ball GT after he was brainwashed by scientists Dr. Myuu and Dr. Gero. He however still displayed his sense of sensitivity especially towards his sister.

His strongest character is his sense of self and did excellently well to prevent the intentions of Dr. Gero by fighting an unsuccessful battle to assert his pride and identity against Imperfect Cell. He also had the belief that he is the most powerful person in his universe and denied that no one was stronger than him until he saw the prowess of Android 16 and Cell in battle.