Android 18 (Jinzoningen Ju Hachi-Go) is a character in the Dragon Ball series. Her human name is Lazuli, and she is the eighteenth Android creation of Dr. Gero with the main objective of serving Gero’s vendetta against Goku. Her actions do not deviate from the expectations on her, but her desire to activate Android 16 despite Dr. Gero’s negative stance led to the death of Dr. Gero in the hands of Android 17. She later married Krillin and they gave birth to their daughter, Marron. Later, she supported the Z Fighters on their missions and fought against Super 17 in Dragon Ball GT and Beerus in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. However, she didn’t fight against Majin Buu.

She has a beautiful face and a small stature which inhibits her strength. She possesses hoop earrings on her ears, blue eyes and blonde hair that touches her shoulders (placing the left side of her hair behind her ear). After her activation by Dr. Gero, she appeared on skirt and blue vest, a black undershirt with black and white striped sleeves, brown boots and dark blue stockings. Thereafter, she wore black flats, black gloves with gold bracelet on the left one, a white undershirt, black vest and blue jeans. After her marriage to Krillin, she appeared on black sandals, white pants and blue buttoned up vest. However at the World Tournament, she wore red earrings, black flats with orange socks, blue jeans and a black shirt with white and black strips on the sleeves.

The human names of Android 17 and Android 18 respectively are, “Lapis” and “Lazuli” which was coined from the name of a blue precious stone (Lapis Lazuli) that is valued for its deep blue color. However, she never revealed her birth name in the original Dragon Ball series, but after joining the Z Fighters and helping them defeat Super Perfect Cell, she was called “18”.

Android 18 possesses a humorous, confident and cool attitude, but the most visible of her characters is her strong sense of humor.  Her sense of sarcasm was evident when Goku noticed her presence with the Z Fighters at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament, which made her say, “Look, he noticed. How cute”. Also when she was being introduced by the World Martial Arts Tournament Announcer, she was asked if her legitimate name is “No 18”, she gave the funny reply, “My father was pretty dull”.