BabidiBabidi is an evil wizard and one of the Babidi’s doppelgangers in the Dragon Ball series. His name alongside his father’s “Bibidi” and that of Majin-Buu were formed from an incantation “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo” in the 1950 movie, Cinderella. He made his first appearance in the 446th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga, “Bobbidi the Warlock” that was issued on 22nd of November, 1993. He also made his debut anime appearance in the 219th episode of Dragon Ball Z titled, “Energy Drain”.

He is a character that has no sense of remorse for anybody around him. He displays no sense of remorse for his helpers or oppressors. He cares less of his followers and considers them fodder in his main plan. Whenever he his being helped by his strong followers in battle, or when he faces opposition weaker than himself, he taunts and mocks his opponents. However, he loses his diabolic attitude whenever he faces severe danger which makes him shiver in fright.

He is one of the dopplegangers of the powerful Bibidi. This is because, whenever Bibidi was in dire need of assistance, he will split up into multiple characters and share his magical powers among them. Babidi was one of such dopplegangers and he inherited Babidi’s powers when he was killed.

He made his debut appearance in Dragon Ball Z when he was sent on a mission to Earth to collect enough energy required for the revival of another monstrous creation by his father called, “Majin Buu”. He sent Spopovich and Yamu (two of his followers under his spell), to steal energy from other contestants that will be necessary to revive Majin Buu at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament.

After fulfilling his wishes, he rewarded Spopovich and Yamu by killing them, because he thought he would no longer need their services. He tortured Spopovich to death by making him swell like a ballon until he exploded. He also ordered one of his followers Pui Pui to shoot Yamu who was fleeing in terror.

This clearly portrays Babidi as a wicked character that loves no one (even his followers) and rewards hard-work with torture and death.  He however regretted his actions when he discovered that the energy supplied by Spopovich and Yamu (actually from Super Saiyan 2 Gohan) was not enough to revive Majin Buu and was just halfway to the point where he (Majin Buu) will finally be released from his Sealed Ball.