bojackBojack is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball series precisely in the 1993 movie, “Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound”. “Bojack” is coined from a Japanese word, “bojakubujin” meaning “audacity” or “arrogance”, and he leads the Galaxy Solddiers.  Meanwhile the name “Bujin” was a name used for one of Bojack’s minions in the amazing movie.

Akira Toriyama (the original Dragon Ball author) designed Bojack for Toei’s Theatrical Production, and these designs can be found in Daizenshuu 6. He is portrayed as a character that looks like a gypsy-pirate with a muscular build. He possesses a facial long scar scaling, orange long hair and red colored skin. His maximum power transformation turns his hair red, shred his clothes, causes an increase in his muscle mass and transforms his skin to chartreuse.

Bojack is portrayed as a blood-thirsty character and he revealed this fact to Gohan by telling him it’s been long since he “snapped someone’s neck”.  He also shows no sense of respect to his comrades, and this trait was clearly displayed when he murdered Zangya upon discovering that, she exhibited the spirit of fear and she also constituted an obstacle between him and Gohan. Bojack is an arrogant character and easily gets furious whenever he experiences difficulties fighting against Gohan. He however believes strongly that he will easily defeat Gohan.

He is a determined and brutal Hera-jin that seeks to achieve his goals of conquering the universe at all costs. This led he and the Galaxy Soldiers to commit mass genocide in the Dormideous Sector with numerous riots in the north, south, east and western galaxies. He was however captured by one of the four Kais and was locked inside a star where he spent thousands of years.

The death of King Kai fulfilled his dream of a release, because King Kai was the only link to his captors. He escaped in the movie, “Bojack Unbound” and travelled to Earth alongside his henchmen Zangya, Kogu, Bujin and Bido.

He infiltrated the World Martial Arts Tournament for his son’s birthday and decided to eliminate all Earth fighters in the tournament that will constitute a hindrance to his goal of conquering the universe. He waited calmly in the city designated to host the final event of the Tournament and allowed his men to frequent the arena. However, he had to make an appearance when one of his henchmen, “Kogu” was killed by Future Trunks.