Bulma.Bulma is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball series. She is a scientist by profession and the daughter of Dr and Mrs. Brief, founders of Capsule Corporation. She is Goku’s first friend, younger sister of Tights and the former girlfriend of Yamcha. She married Prince Vegeta, and they both had a daughter named Bulla and a son named Trunks. All her life, she lived in West City with a citizen number of SSC 41453 and an address written as WST 3338926.

She is the second longest-serving character in the Dragon Ball series behind Goku, and she is the most prominent female character in the series.

Just like Goku, the character Bulma was adopted from the character Xuanzang in Journey to the West. Just like the original novel, Bulma led a group of Five including Goku, Yamcha, Puar and Oolong in search of Dragon Balls. However, in the original story, Xuanzang is a male character but Akira Toriyama created Bulma as a female character according to tradition in Chinese opera in which roles are performed by a female actor.

Akira Toriyama initially wanted to make Bulma appear as a Western girl. During his second draft, he wanted her to appear in a ponytail, and a much older look and the third draft looked exactly as the final draft but with a shirt that exposed her shoulders. Throughout the series, she appeared on 17 different hairstyles making her the character with the most inconsistent appearance in the Dragon Ball series.

Bulma is a character with a perfect blend of a tomboy and a girly attitude. She is an intelligent and temperamental character and is sometimes considered as vain and spoilt. She is a bit selfish, and this is because she believes in the illusion that she is the most beautiful girl in the universe. Her selfish attitude was visible when she refused to ride the Flying Nimbus. She also possesses a friendly attitude and decided to become a scientist when she was matured, with a lot of inventions that helped the Z Fighters in their quest.

She quickly gets frightened in stressful occasions and then gets angry with everyone around her including her friends. Bulma is also conscious of her hygiene and is often seen complaining of her exhausting beauty supplies or taking a bath even when stranded in the wilderness.

She enjoys bubble baths, strawberries, and attractive boys. She is a persistent character that always seek to achieve her goals, and she applies several tricks including taking advantage of her feminine gender to pass successfully through several tough social conditions.