cellCell is a super-villain in the Dragon Ball series. He is a creation of Dr. Gero that came from the future timeline and he was designed to be the greatest fighter to have existed on Earth.  He was designed to possess several special abilities and traits of a great fighter. Alongside Android 13, Android 14 and Android 15 and possibly Android 8, he is one of the yet-to-be completed Red Ribbon Androids designed by Dr. Gero.

The name “Cell” was coined from the English word, “cell” because he transforms and absorbs humans. Insects were used as a model for his design, and the way he reproduces (hatching) and grows (shedding of skin) resembles that of an insect. Therefore, Cell possesses the traits of an insect both in his different stages of metamorphosis and his appearances.

He possesses a collection of personalities. The weak points of his original personalities were redesigned to make him the perfect weapon while other characters’ personalities were also integrated into his. We witnessed changes in his personalities during the Android Arc after each transformation as he initially desired to absorb Android 17 and Android 18 to complete his evolution. What determines his character is the willingness to test his new powers after each transformation. His sophisticated nature is a distinctive feature that distinguishes him from other villains in the Dragon Ball series. He has the ability to exploit and psychologically manipulate the weaknesses of his opponents due to his genetic composition.

He is a cautious, cunning, calculative and sneaky character and applies all these qualities in pursuit of his goals to perfection.  After his first transformation, he depended more on coercion and less on strategy which made him tough, impulsive and harsh in his actions. After achieving perfection, he displayed several distinctive behaviors of cells he possessed;  Prince Vegeta’s pride, Saiyan Battle lust, Frieza,s smugness, Goku’s laid-back disposition and the cunny attitude of Piccolo.

However in this perfect form, he was portrayed as a polite and calm character. His most distinctive trait in this form is his undying love for vanity and this was evident when he unveiled the Cell Games just for the sole purpose of displaying his power to the outside world.

During his battle with Gohan he also showed his boastful trait by declaring that he will destroy everything imperfect. He calls everyone and everything except him imperfect.

Cell was regarded as “he” in the Japanese series but in the English series, he was regarded as “it” which may be because, his is an artificial being.