Chi-ChiChi-Chi is a character in the Dragon Ball series. She is the daughter of the Ox-King, wife of Goku and mother of Gohan and Goten. She was initially portrayed as a fearful and shy girl but she developed with age and  portrayed a fierce, tough and tomboyish personalitywhich is responsible for her angry outburst sometimes during the series. However, she professes her love for her husband and sons on numerous occasions.

During her childhood, she always appeared on boots, pink helmets, pink gloves, a green cape and a blue bikini. She mostly wore martial arts uniforms and Chinese dresses during her adulthood. However during the Piccolo Jr. Saga, she surprisingly wore a blue cheongsam (Chinese dress) alongside arm band, red pants, red sash, white socks and shoes. She also appeared on a ponytail hairdo.

The name “Chi Chi” is based on the term “Milk” in Japanese. “Chi-Chi” means “milk”, “udder” or “father” in Japanese. Her name was referenced in the original Japanese version of “True Saiyans Fight Alone” when Prince Vegeta got angry at Goku when he planned to show naughty pictures of his wife (Bulma) to Old Kai, Prince Vegeta said, he (Goku) should have shown Old Kai Chi-Chi’s chi-chis.

Chi-Chi is a character that loves and cares a lot about her family. Her favorite vehicle is a tractor because she likes farming. Chinese chimaki (rice ball) is her favorite meal.

She was a shy character during childhood, one who always thought of who she will marry. Her father was very terrifying but she proved to be the direct opposite of her father and this was confirmed when she was able to ride the Flying Nimbuss after she was proven to possess a pure heart. She is a good fighter but she often gets scared and cries while defeating her opponents.

After getting married, her personality changed. She is portrayed as an overprotecting and nagging woman similar to the average shonen mother. Even though her powers were not up to the standards of the Z Fighters, she was still one of the world’s strongest women with strength that is well above that of an average human. Sometimes she can be mentally clumsy and this was visible when she struck Krillin’s head with a door thinking he was Gohan. Despite her consistent yelling over Gohan’s school work and Goku’s fighting, it is undeniable that she loves her family so much which was evident when she broke into tears after the Buu Saga at the singular thought of finally living together with her family of four.