krillinKrillin ( Kuririn in Japanese) is a protagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is regarded as one of the most gifted and skillful human martial artist on Earth and he trained alongside Goku under the tutelage of Master Roshi. At first he took Goku as a rival but soon, they struck a wonderful bond and became lifelong friends. Krillin is a good-natured, courageous and faithful character and a staunch member of the Z Fighters even though he easily gets overpowered by enemies. He was created to add a comic relief to the Dragon Ball series as features like his baldness and short stature provides comic relief during tense moments. He retired from fighting at the latter part of Dragon Ball Z to settle down with his family. He married Android 18 and she gave birth to Marron.

Kazuhiko Torishima who was Akira Toriyama’s editor, initiated the idea of creating a character that will complement Goku’s bland personality and make the series more entertaining. Krillin eventually made Dragon Ball series exciting by applying cunning tricks to defeat his opponents.

It is quite interesting that Krillin does not own a nose, he smells only when someone mentions it. Akira Toriyama explained that, Krillin breathes through his skin because he has a physical idiosyncrasy that permits it. Earlier in the Dragon Ball series, Krillin’s eyes were white in color but they later disappeared to provide a color that is similar to his skin.

He appears bald but he is not naturally bald, he only shaves his hair. He loves appearing bald because he believed that being bald is an important requirement needed to master the “ki” (a martial arts concept).  He however let his hair grow after getting married and the fans were not confused because his most distinctive feature is not his baldness but his original smooth crowned look. He possesses scars in the form of six dots on his forehead which was due to moxibustion burns.

The name Krillin is actually a pun. It was adopted from the Japanese name, Kuririn. Kuririn is divided into two parts. “Kuri”, meaning “chestnut” (due to his shaved hair) and the second part is derived from “Shorin” meaning “Shaolin” in Chinese (because his body features resembles that of a Shaolin monk).

Krillin is a selfish and jealous character. He lacks respect to rules especially during his training under Master Roshi. His friendly and kind-hearted nature became obvious after he became friends with Goku. He was killed more than any character in the Dragon Ball series and was created to bring a comic relief. During tense moments, Krillin just pops us with a joke that continues to keep viewers entertained.