master_roshiMaster Roshi (Muten Roshi) is a supporting protagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is also called Turtle Hermit (Kamesennin).

He is an old, wise and highly skilled martial artist, and the first character in the Dragon Ball series to wield the famous Kamehameha. He appears frail but he is an amazing martial artist and was responsible for training Ox-King, Grandpa Gohan, Goku, Yamcha and Krillin. Sometimes he provides a comic atmosphere with his cranky attitude and his close pals includes Launch, Turtle and Oolong. His house (Kame House) is located at an isolated island which serves as a meeting point between him and his friends.

Master Roshi is an old bald man with a thick white beard and mustache. He always wear sunglasses but after his fight with Majin Buu, he abandoned his old sunglasses for better ones. He is always clad in martial arts suit or beach clothes with a walking stick and a Turtle shell on his back.

The name “Muten Roshi” was used in the original version of Dragon Ball but in English dubs, “Master Roshi” which is a phonetic adaptation of the name was used. The Chinese name for “teacher” (laoshi) correlates with the Japanese name “roshi”. Muten refers to the characters that make up heaven and the military. However, his name basically means “Master Master” or “Master Old Teacher”.

Sometimes, he is also called “Turtle Hermit”. This was evident during the World Martial Arts Tournament when he used the name, “Jackie Chun” with reference to the Chinese martial artist. He did that to teach his students not to get carried away because, there was always someone stronger

When he made his first appearance in the Dragon Ball series, it was said that Master Roshi was aged 300 years old. He enjoys pizza delivered to his house which serves as a joke because of the distant location of his house. Master Roshi also enjoys siesta, video games, watching TV, reading and of course, surfing the internet (with adult contents too). He loves adult contents on the media and this makes him look at dirty magazines or watch Aerobics Women on TV. He also went as far as telling Bulma to show her panties in exchange for a Dragon Ball. He is a character that loves making sexual advances to women and believes that he is a cool guy even though his mannerism and dress sense are a little bit out of date.