NappaNappa is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball series who originates from Planet Vegeta. He is a Saiyan warrior and a partner to Prince Vegeta in combat. Before the destruction of Planet Vegeta (home to the Saiyans), the Saiyan Army was led by General Nappa under the Planet Trade Organization. He was also a partner to Prince Vegeta when he (Prince Vegeta) was still young. He later worked with Raditz and Prince Vegeta under Frieza after the demise of the Saiyan race. His work with Frieza led him to Earth.

The name, Nappa is a pun on Chinese cabbage which is a trend by Dragon Ball series creator (Akira Toriyama), who named most of his characters after food items.

Nappa is a muscular and extremely tall character. Though he appears as someone in his mid-thirties, Nappa was approximately fifty years old when he debuted in the Dragon Ball series. He looked almost identical from the moment he debuted till the period of his death. However, in the TV special, “Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, he appeared with hairs on his head even though it appeared as a patch without sideburns. His mission on Earth alongside Prince Vegeta, was to gather Dragon Balls that would ensure long life for them. He is an extremely powerful character and the second most powerful in Frieza’s command. He is loyal to Frieza and reports directly to him alongside Prince Vegeta and Raditz. In order to detect the ki of his enemies, he wears a scouter (just like most Saiyans).

He is a character with a very rough and destructive personality. He enjoys destroying things and this was evident when he asked Prince Vegeta if he could destroy one city immediately he came to Earth. It was also evident in the anime series only, when Prince Vegeta allowed him to destroy as much as he could when he took time off to visit Goku.  Nappa seized this opportunity and created serious havoc by launching an aerial attack that destroyed several helicopters and jets. He also launched an aid and destroyed an entire Nvy fleet division and leveled a slew of ships.

Despite his arrogance, he congratulates hard-work especially battle moves by his opponents that comes close to hurting him. This was evident when he congratulated Tien Shinhan for initiating the Spirit Tri-Beam that destroyed his battle armor and almost injured him severely.