shenronShenron (“God Dragon” or “Holy Dragon”) is a magical dragon in the Dragon Ball series. He is referred to as “Eternal Dragon” in the English version of the series and “Dragon God” in the Harmony Gold English dub of Dragon Ball.

He possesses sharp teeth, red eyes, a long serpentine body(with his tail making up three-quarter of his length), horns of a stag, long flowing whiskers, flowing green hair on his cheeks, crescent shaped nostrils, a long snout, four toes on each foot and a green scaly skin. He belongs to a benevolent and sacred specie (in Oriental mythologies) called “Eastern Dragons”. A distinctive feature of Western dragons is their large dorsal foldable wings, but Shenron has none. He is kind-hearted and strong dragon but he is sometimes impatient with an aggressive temper.

He can be summoned only by gathering the seven Dragon Balls of Earth. It is believed that he lives in a raging fire inside the Earth’s core whenever he is not summoned. The origin of this belief can be traced to the back of “Saga of Goku” boxed set. Shenron can grant any wish that does not exceed the power of his creator who is believed to still be alive (Dende or Kami/Piccolo). His aggressive temper was visible when he threatened to kill a summoner if they delay in making their wish. In Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, he also tried to attack Icarus (Gohan’s dragon) because Icarus had tried to attack him.

Goku also declared that Shenron does not grant the same wish more than once and the Dragon Balls turns to stone one year after a wish has been granted, making it useless. These Earth Dragon Balls possess the size of a large orange making it relatively small. Unlike the Shenron of Earth who is green in color, the Black Star Dragon Ball’s Shenron is red in color. Shenron can only grant one wish each time he is summoned. However, Dede increased his ability and made him capable of granting three wishes per summoning (two if a huge number of people are revived with one of his wishes).

Shenron can however, wish-back more than a person per wish if: (1) he died under same circumstances. (2) he dies less than one year before the summoning. (3) have not been earlier wished back. This was fully utilized in the Dragon Ball series to revive victims of villains like Cell, Frieza and his crew and King Piccolo and his crew.