Trunks is a protagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is a hybrid (half Saiyan and half human) and the son of Prince Vegeta and Bulma. He later became the elder brother of Bulla.

Trunks possesses the lavender hair color of his grandfather and the blue eyes of his mother. He also has the tanned skin, facial features and eye shape of his father. When he became a Super Saiyan, his eyes turned pupil-less, and his hair turned blonde. He presently wears an orange belt, orange wristband and a dark green gi.

He was shown to be stingy and mischievous as a child maybe due to the luxuries of peace he enjoyed in the company of his father, Prince Vegeta. Trunks possesses a combination of his parents’ personalities: proud, disrespectful to people he hates and cocky like his father and selfish and spoilt like his mother. He disrespects people he does not like, and this trait was evident when he disrespected Goku because he thought that Goku was less powerful than his dad. He later showed respect to Goku after seeing his Super Saiyan 3 powers at work. His arrogance was visible whenever he reminds Goten that he is older and more powerful than him.

During bouts at the World Martial Arts Tournament, he behaves like his father by insulting his opponents. However, he failed to insult Goten maybe because Goten was his best friend, or he knew he had a high probability of losing the bout.

He has an awesome knowledge of biological and science-related phenomena because of his mother’s background. This is evident in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Brolly, where he identified the uses of a culture tank at the tender age of eight. He also correctly defined two-thirds of the concept “biotechnology”. He loves eating grilled meat (yakiniku in Japanese) and loves driving sports air cars.

He was born to Prince Vegeta and Bulma in “Age 766” and was shown immense care by his mother. His father showed little or no parental care towards his son as he admitted that he never hugged Trunks until he (Trunks) was eight years old. Prince Vegeta admitted this during the Majin Buu saga stating how proud he was for Trunks.

Events during the Cell Games Saga and Androids Saga suggest that Trunks was born out of a desire to quench loneliness and to satisfy passion. This is because, it is believed that Prince Vegeta and Bulma’s relationship was based on the urge to satisfy passion but after the birth of Trunks, they lived together happily. Trunks idolized his father and took martial arts lessons from him.