Prince Vegeta is the eldest son to King Vegeta, ruler of the fallen Saiyan race. He is the arch-rival of Goku, husband to Bulma and elder brother of Tarble. He is also the father of Bulla and Trunks and great-great grandfather to Vegeta Jnr.

He is a prominent character in the Dragon Ball series and an epitome of pride. Prince Vegeta was once a serial killer but had to abandon his role in the Planet trade to fight alongside the Z Fighters. He had the selfish aim of defeating Goku to become the leader of the Z Fighters and Earth’s most powerful being. His role in the course of the series evolves from villain to anti-hero to protagonist.

Before the demise of the Saiyan race, Prince Vegeta was enlisted as a member of the Saiyan Army under the Planet Trade Organization. After the demise of the Saiyan race, he had a short stint working with Raditz and Nappa, under Freeza and later, he joined the Z Fighters and fought with them at Namek. After the battle, he returned with them to Earth where he lived till the end of his days.

He is shorter than Goku (5’9”) with a height of 5’5” with jet black hair and dark eyes. He is proud of his roots as he is the only surviving Saiyan that has persistently continued to wear the Saiyan armor, customizing them to suit his demands. However, he slowly abandoned the Saiyan armor as he got himself used to his earthly surroundings. His tail was cut off by Yajirobe during the Vegeta Saga to remove him from his Great Ape state. In a thrilling episode of the Perfect Cell Saga, he told Bulma that the hair of a real-blooded Saiyan does not change from birth. That was an explanation to the mystery of his lack of hair growth.

Prince Vegeta is an aggressive character who became bitter over the massacre of his race by Freiza. His office as Prince of the Saiyan race gave him the spirit of superiority making him believe that he is better off than any individual he comes across. He is an arrogant, proud, vengeful and highly aggressive character with no real sense of humor. He is known to be someone that underrates his opponents without studying their weak point which is one of his weaknesses. He allows his arrogance overshadow his good qualities.

Prince Vegeta was widely hated by people around him because of his attitude and past escapades but his relationship with Goku rose from contempt to rivalry and then to friendship and respect.