coolerCooler is the main villain in “Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge” and a replica of him also played the role of main villain in “Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler”. He is the eldest son of King Cold and the elder brother of Frieza.  To increase his power, he regularly pushed himself through transformation which is a trait he shares with his brother, Frieza.

Akira Toriyama who is credited with designing Dragon Ball characters, was the designer of the character, “Cooler” and his Armored Squadron. Coller’s appearance in his base form resembles that of his younger brother, Frieza’s appearance in his final form. He possesses a skin color of deep-purple as opposed to the pure white skin color possesses by Frieza. His height is quite similar to Goku’s but he is taller than Frieza his younger brother. He possesses a more masculine look, as opposed to his brother’s lean-build. He always appears on armor-lke carapaces on his head, shins, shoulders and chest and they change when he transforms.

When he undergoes transformation, his body changes to provide a look that is quite different from that of his base form and his muscle-mass and chest expands a great deal to look like Frieza’s second form. His white carapaces change a great deal with a hoop-like shape of his breast-plates shoulder-pad.  Meanwhile, the white carapaces on his wrists changes, and gains dark-blue sections and procuring blade-like protrusions. The most distinctive feature possessed by Cooler during transformation is the carapace on his head. This carapace completely encases his head leaving his eyes visible.

Akira Toriyama named all the characters in Cooler’s family after cold, Cooler’s name is a pun on things relating to cold. In Japanese, Frieza’s and Cooler’s names ends with an “a” (“Freeza” and “Coola”), but when FUNimation Entertainment (makers of the English dub of Dragon Ball), produced the English version, they removed the “a” at the end of “Coola” to give it a more English look.

He shares similar behavioral traits with his father and brother as they all handle problems in a serious and intellectual manner. However, there are slight differences in their behaviors because Cooler does not underestimate his opponents unlike his brother. This was evident when he ordered his men to search for Goku as he was not convinced that Goku is dead despite taking a direct hit from his Darkness Eye Beam. After searching through a large portion of their immediate environment all to no avail, he still ordered them to search again for Goku and kill him. This shows that Cooler respects the strength of his opponents.