raditzRaditz is an antagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is the son of Bardock and Gine. Raditz is also a biological brother to the main protagonist in the Dragon Ball series (Goku). The name “Raditz” is a pun on radish (a vegetable) continuing a trend in his family where all his siblings are named after vegetables.

At a youthful age, he got himself enlisted into the Saiyan Army and worked with Prince Vegeta (who was quite young at that time). Raditz remained loyal to Prince Vegeta when he defiled Frieza’s orders by failing to return to Planet Vegeta. He worked alongside Prince Vegeta directly for Freiza’s Planet Trade Organization. While working with Prince Vegeta, Raditz visited Earth to discover if Goku had completed his misson of Earth domination. A mission he embarked on over twenty years before, but was surprised that Goku could not even remember his background or his mission and he persuaded Goku to join him in his Planet trade activities but Goku declined.

A distinctive feature of Raditz is his long and spiky black hair. He also wears a battle armor (a typical Saiyan warrior), boots, a scouter and gloves. He wears two accessory bands fastened to his left leg and arm.

He is a rude, brutal and mean character just like an average Saiyan warrior. He wanted Goku to join ranks with Frieza and attack him when he refused. He loves to mock his opponents before finishing them off. This was evident when he mocked Piccolo and happy seeing his brother (Goku) and nephew (Gohan) in pain. We witnessed his manipulative trait when he begged Goku to set him free when his tail was grabbed by Goku only to turn back and hurt Goku after his release.

He can be a coward when faced with a critical circumstance that can lead to his death. We saw this when he faced Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon, he begged with his arrogant attitude unlike most Saiyans like Goku who never fear death. It is quite funny that he only accepted death when he got the assurance that he will be revived with Dragon Balls.

Just as Prince Vegeta, he is very proud of his Saiyan race and hates people that constitute a threat to the existence of the Saiyans or Saiyans, (like Goku and Gohan) that fail to live up to their expectations. Raditz however, believed that he will convince Goku to join him in his planet trade alongside Frieza.