yamchaYamcha (Yamucha) is a protagonist in the Dragon Ball series. He is also the best friend of Puar and former boyfriend of Bulma. He was once a desert bandit and enemy of Goku but soon they became lifelong friends. He is a boastful, dependable and brave character with an exceptional skill in martial arts which makes him an integral part of the Z Fighters. At the latter stages of Dragon Ball Z, his skills waned and he became surplus to requirements which made him to retire from fighting.

It is no longer a secret that Akira Toriyama got clues from Wu Cheng’s Journey to the West to develop The Dragon Ball series. Yamcha is likely based on Sha Wujing ( Sha Seng) because of their similar roles in both scripts.

Yamcha’s appearance was quite inconsistent throughout the series, especially his hairstyle and clothes. He started the series with bangs and long hair and had to cut short his hair after settling in the city in order to fit in. He would later allow his hair to grow back and got himself a fan as Gohan adopted several of his hairstyles throughout the series. Another significant feature of Yamcha are the scars he obtained will undergoing training for the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. He weighed 68 kilograms and possessed a height of 168 centimetres during the Androids Saga. He loves being comfortable which explains why he has the inscription “raku” on his clothes meaning, “easy” or “comfort”.

Sometimes, he wears white martial arts outfit alongside black trousers that lokks exactly like the outfit worn by the legendary Bruce Lee in his fight with O’Hara in the movie, Enter the Dragon. The name Yamcha is just a play on the word “Yum cha” meaning, “drink tea” with reference to a gathering to drink tea.

Yamcha as earlier stated, is a fierce warrior that fears nothing except talking to women. He became very considerate and caring to people he protects after becoming friends with Goku. Despite his determination and dream to be the very best, he failed to attain this status and that fact plagued him.

He loves martial arts and he is a great fan of the World Martial Arts Tournament. His love for the tournament made him a keen follower and that was responsible for his knowledge of famous fighters like Monster Carrot, Grandpa Gohan, King Chappa and Bacterian. He always go through rigorous training whenever the tournament neared and invented new skills like Spirit Ball, Neo Wolf Fang Fist and Blinding Wolf Fang Fist in the process.