Dragon Ball rumorsDue to the rise of the Internet, there is no doubt that any kind of information can spread like wildfire on the Internet. You have to understand that there would be information that is not even true at all. Some of these rumors are actually created by crazy fanatic fans as well, simply because they just want something to actually happen and materialize. Of course, there are some rumors that actually do come true. When it comes to such an essential part of our pop culture, there is no doubt that there have been Dragon Ball Rumors, as well. Anything that is so popular will generally create a lot of interest from different sections of the society. Hence, rumors would definitely circulate around.

Therefore, there have been certain rumors about the upcoming Dragon Ball movie, as well. You have to remember though that this is purely speculation based, so you should not raise your hope up. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse which is a video game also has its share of rumors. It has been rumored that there would be Kid Goku from Dragon Ball, Gogeta fro Dragon Ball GT, Super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan God Goku from Dragon Ball: Battle of Gods. This is because some fan saw the beta of the game, where he found special attacks for these characters. However, once more this should be made clear that this is purely based on speculation. It has also been rumored that there would be around 64 characters for the players to choose, which is definitely saying something. However, no one knows for sure whether this is going to be true.

Dragon Ball rumorsThe anime television series which is in its fifth season at the moment is also rumored to have more than 200 episodes in total. This would be completely cool for all the nerds out there, who simply love Dragon Ball and do not want the series to ever end. And considering that Dragon Ball has been able to keep the interest alive for around three decades, this is not surprising that fans continue to want more and more. People who grew up with Dragon Ball Z definitely want more waves of nostalgia to wash over them so they are definitely waiting excitedly for these Dragon Ball Rumors to actually come true.

However, what needs to be understood about these rumors is that they might be actually false. Nevertheless, it is always quite exciting to speculate and wait excitedly. Fans generally love to do that!