Dbz Games ButodenOne needs to understand the difference between Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Generally, Dragon Ball Z serves as the sequel to the original anime series based on the manga, Dragon Ball Anime. Dragon Ball Z video games in general  are based on Dragon Ball Z which aired on Fuji TV from 1989 to 1996 in Japan. You also have to remember that eventually this was localized by being dubbed around the world, including Europe, India, Latin America, United States and Australia.

DragonBallZHyperDimension2There are a total of 148 games, which are available in different versions. Some of them are for gaming consoles; others are for hand-held devices whereas others are for PCs and laptops. The Dragon Ball Z tends to follow the adventures of the main character Goku who with his numerous companions protects the Earth against numerous villains who are set to destroy the Earth. These villains include space fighters, conquerors and powerful androids, as well.  In Dragon Ball Z, Goku is in his adulthood form and his son Gohan is mature and this is what the series shows. His rivals Vegeta and Piccolo also turn from foes to his friends in the sequel.

Different companies have produced a wide variety of games under this series. For the current generation consoles, Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment Systems have the right to produce these games. There have been different arcade games, as well. Licensing rights have been provided to Atari and Namco Bandai in North America. Eventually, in 2009, Namco Bandi had exclusive rights for these games for over five years.

xenoverse3Given the use of Internet these days, there have been a few online video games, as well for the purpose of satisfying those crazy fans who are always looking for new versions to satiate their hunger for Dragon Ball. There were games made for PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 in this series. And then of course, there were games for Sega Mega Drive and Sega Saturn. Xbox has its own set of games along with Xbox 360. There were games produced for Windows operating system as well as Apple. Game Boy also saw some of these games in its system. Nintendo also had a range of games produced exclusively for this gaming console. Therefore, if you want to truly enjoy different storylines, then Dragon Ball Z Video games in general would be the right way to embark on an excellent adventure.