~CONTROLS ARE IN GAME!~ Please be patient and give the game some time to load. For best results, play this game in the latest Firefox browser. If you liked this game please favorite and love it for support!! This is just a DEMO right now. In time, the author will update the game, add new playable characters, and he might even add different game modes!

Note and contributions

This game is just a fan-made game. The real video game for Sony’s PlaystationPortable system was developed by Dimps. They do not own Dragon Ball Z or the anime/manga’s characters.DBZ belongs to Akira Toriyama.


~Programming~  @goku4659 . ~Dragon Balls and Dragon Ball Z:Shin Budokai-Another Road logo~ Ichiron47 (from ~Sprites/Graphics~ Angryboy,Grim,Bonzai, Son Goharotto,LSWA Team VRP, The Nut,Dr.Paper,Yami,Legendary Super Warriors Revolution and ~Various DBZ Characters~ Ichiron47 ~DBZ Character portraits~ Ichiron47 ~Font~ ~Backgrounds~ and ~Sound Effects~ Etalino, (I think I spelled his name right) a YoYoGames Creator that created Dragon Ball Z: Mini Botoden Warriors. ~Music~ and Etalino. ~Inspiration~ Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai-Another Road. ~Special Thanks~ @will2017, @omaramos,@UltimatetheHedgie,and @TempestBurnChase for helping to collect sprites.