dragon_ball_game1 Dragon Ball craze has been here since the time Akira Toriyama wrote the Dragon Ball manga. Since then, Dragon Ball has become an essential part of our pop culture. There have been movies made on the storyline along with different television series. Furthermore, there have been video games that have also been produced. The main character of the video games is Son Goku, who is the good in a world of evil. Therefore, you would find that the Dragon Ball is not just all about fighting, but also about teaching good values to children and adults alike. Therefore, for those people who are crazy about video games, then Dragon Ball video games in general would be quite exciting for you.

There have been numerous video games that have been released in Japan. Many of them were released and produced by Bandai. The 16-bit and the 32-bit era’s video games were also released in some of the European countries, after being localized. This includes countries like Portugal, Spain and France.

dragon_ball_game3During the 1980s, a number of video games for consoles were produced. The first game that was released was in 1986. Then there were many games for consoles during the 1990s as well. Different companies used to take the license for the production and releasing of these games. In the 2000s, there were numerous games that were made for different models and versions of Play Station, which were hugely popular then. Eventually, when Xbox came out, then there were games that were produced to work in this new and different gaming console.

dragon_ball_game2Side by side, there were games that were produced in 1990s for the purpose of being hand-held, such as Game Boy. Therefore, the Dragon Ball video games in general were definitely of great interest to different companies because there was a huge demand to actually play these games and this is not surprising given the number of fans of this manga around the world. Then there were games produced specifically for Personal Computers and laptops. There were some produced for Nintendo as well and after the innovation of 3D, the games were also expanded into the 3D realm.

And then there were arcade games including Dragon Ball Z, and Super Battle. You also have to remember that all the games have their separate unique stories but the characters flit in and out. The main character is definitely Goku in almost all of the games. The popularity of this game can also be judged by the fact that these games were localized for European and North American countries.