DragonBallZHyperDimension1 If you want to truly enjoy a full gaming experience with a regular console, then you should definitely play the Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension which is an excellent game that is based on the Dragon Ball Z series. The game was released in January 1, 1996 in Europe and targeting the gaming console; Nintendo. This fighting game was also released in Japan in March, 1996. It should also be noted that this was the last game that was launched for the gaming console in the Dragon Z series.

DragonBallZHyperDimension2Following the story of the Dragon Ball Z anime, this game takes place in the Frieza Saga to the Kid Buu Saga. If certain characters lose particular characters, this does not restrict the progression of the actual plot of the anime. If there is a death of a particular character such as Gohan or Goku (the main ones), then a credit need to be used, which is usually the Senzu Bean, if the player wants to continue playing. You also have to understand that this fighting game is quite different and dynamic in the sense that the player does not exclusively select one character. The game might begin with one character and then might actually end with focus on another one. However, the story is not that accurate if one is to compare with the anime series, because there is a lack of characters in the story. This is because Piccollo fights Frieza in the final form, whereas Goku is the one who defeats Cell as Super Saiyan 2 which does not happen in the original plot.

DragonBallZHyperDimension3There are different modes to the game, which include the Story Mode, the Practice Modes, and the Tournament and the Versus Modes. The versus mode allows the player to fight with a computer-controlled character or two players can also fight with one another. The Tournament mode on the other hand involves more people, since up to 8 players can compete with each other. The Practice Mode means that you can learn to practice in this mode since there is no damage to be dealt with.

Therefore, if you want to play an exciting fighting game, which would have you on the edge of your seats, then Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension is definitely the right game!