xenoverse1You need to understand that Dragon Ball has become an essential and important part of our culture. This means that the legendary Dragon Ball has also been able to attract different game developers. Therefore, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse is the latest video game in the series. The acclaimed developer, Dimps has been responsible for the development of this game. In this particular game, there are battles against the famous villains such as Cell, Buu, Frieza and Vegeta. You can act as Goku and a number of other characters and blast your way across the different universes and fight different battles from the illustrious history of Dragon Ball. Of course, you are provided with different scenarios but you have different possibilities of rewriting the history of Dragon Ball.

dragon-ball-xenoverse-3The game has not yet been released but there are a few things which we do know about the game. It would be available for Microsoft Windows, released through Steam. Furthermore, it would also be released for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. The release date that has been provided is February 17th, 2015. You have the option for creating characters from different races, which include Majins, Earthlings, Namekians and of course the Saiyans. If you want to become part of the unnamed race of Frieza, then that is als an option. You have to remember that this is the first game that would be released for both Personal Computers (PCs) and eighth generation consoles.

dragon-ball-xenoverse-1Of course, because the world especially that of gaming is 3D, this game is also set in 3D environment. You can roam around in huge spaces, and have different ways to fight, including fighting underwater, or even in the air, or even on the platform. An outstanding feature of this game is that there is dialogue while the fighting goes on. Whenever a character is hurt or strikes an opponent, the fighter would actually show proper facial expressions, giving the game a more realistic appeal. They can explore around in Planet Earth along with different locations including a new city, which is the Toki-Toki city, which is considered to be the place of origin for the new character of the game. Therefore, you would find that in Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse, there have been numerous additions that have been done and you would actually thoroughly enjoy this game.