DragonBall Evolution is an action-packed movie that was produced in 2009 under the watchful eyes of the highly-rated director, James Wong. This thrilling movie was created based on the popular Japanese manga by Akira Toriyama called Dragon Ball starring movie acts like Justin Chatwin who played the role of Goku, James Marsters acted as Lord Piccolo, Rafael Valdez acted the role of Butler  while Emmy Rossum  did Bulma and Joon Park (Yamcha). This adventure fiction has an exciting storyline based on the escapades of eighteen years old Goku who was instructed to get seven Dragon Balls that will protect the universe from alien attack. On his way to his accomplish his mission, he surprisingly got followers who swore to help his fulfill his mission.

20th Century Fox are the registered distributors of this thrilling movie and started developing in 2002and was released on the 13th day of March, 2009 in Japan and across Asia and in the US, it was unveiled on the 10th of April, 2009 amidst widespread bad remarks by a cross section of the general public but it still went ahead to become a box office hit!

This wonderful movie shows the brave and courageous deeds of Goku who used his strength to protect planet Earth from evil aliens who were hell-bent on destroying the planet and operating the all powerful Dragonball. Master Roshi tutored Goku and guided him on his mission to defeat the stream of rogues that were determined to destroy it. On this mission, he met an extremely gorgeous lady Bulma who wanted to collect the powerful DragonBalls for her selfish benefit. Goku also met a young lady Chi Chi who captured his heart.

The release date of this captivating movie in Japan was postponed severally. It was scheduled to be unveiled on the 15th of August, 2008 in North America but due to the need for further post-production and filming, it was rescheduled for April, 2009. It was erlier planned to be released on April 8 but the promoters had to finally settle for April 10.

Red Box New Media was instrumental in the marketing of this movie through their campaign titled ‘Personal Expressions” that was aired on Windows Live Messenger Application. Also, a PC/Wii flash game was developed by Fox hired Picture Production Company under the platform Can you Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha? It was unveiled before the movie which served the audience excellently.