dbz_kai3The revised version of the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z Kai was produced by Toei Animation and released in April 2009. It continued to be broadcasted in Japan on Fuji Television until March, 2011. There are numerous sounds and special effects, along with re-recorded voice track by the original cast of the series. There is high-definition picture, as well that makes it truly stand out.

The series sketches and animation cels were produced again by digitally tracing over the still frames that were present from the footage that already existed. They were then filled with softer colors. Hence, this decreased the damage that was actually visible to the eye. The total episode count of the entire series was 167, which is quite less. Apart from just being featured on the television, the Blu-ray and DVD version was also released.

Idbz_kai2nitially, there were no plans to increase the series running from 2011, but for now this series has been revived to be broadcasted even until 2015. This perhaps illustrates the popularity of this excellent anime series. The first season, which is known as the Saiyan Saga started off in 2009. The second season is known as Frieza Saga, which was running in 2009 and continued until 2010. The Androids Saga was running through 2010, which was the third season of the entire series. Cell Saga began in 2010 and continued until 2011, and was the fourth season. The fifth season was the Majin Buu Saga which was running in 2014. Evil Buu Saga is running into 2015.

You also have to understand that this is not a completely new series; it is simply a re-mastered version, or a refreshed version. There are different events from the Dragon Ball Z in this anime series. The picture is now extended to 16:9 which has resulted in the image being more vibrant. The damage and the noise on the previous film have been removed, which has made this more of a pleasure to dbz_kai1watch. The opening and ending themes of this series are completely new, so there are new sound effects as compared to the previous version. The Dragon Ball Z Kai is the adapted North American version of the Dragon Ball Kai in Japan. Therefore, this distinction should be made clear. Therefore, if you want to be totally engrossed in Dragon Ball, then this series would be the greatest happiness for all the fans out there.