dragonball_fan1There is no doubt that Dragon Ball has been able to capture the hold of different people from different parts of the universe. There have been people from Japan who are quite interested in this excellent manga that has had comic books, anime series and films made out of it. In fact, even North America adapted the Dragon Ball series to Dragon Ball Z. The ‘Z’ was added to prevent confusion for the new and the young fans. However, what needs to be understood is that the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z communities nowadays is excitedly looking forward to the airing of the television series which is on its sixth season at the moment.

dragonball_fan3You should of course first understand what Dragon Ball Z actually is all about. It centers on the adventures of Goku and chronicles his adult life. Goku is now defending the earth with some of his companions against numerous villains that include space fighters, powerful androids and powerful magical creatures along with conquerors. The original Dragon Ball was centered on the life of Goku from childhood to adulthood. Gohan who is Goku’s son has his life chronicled in Dragon Ball Z. The latter series also has a more serious tone. However, this anime series definitely has situations, characters and back-stories which were not in the manga but were developed primarily for the purpose of this series.

dragonball_fan2There are numerous Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z communities nowadays on the Internet that are writing reviews about the newest episodes that come out. These communities that consist of different fans are also responsible for spreading some of the more common rumors about the Dragon Ball Z AF, which was supposed to be a new anime series that never came out, because it was just created by the fandom. Therefore, the community is always looking for ways to be connected to Dragon Ball in some way or the other.

The Dragon Ball was initially made for adults and children alike around the globe. There are clear themes in this story, which include representations of good, which defeat evil, and love overpowering hate, as well as passion towards the completion of goals as well as the significance of friends and family. Therefore, it is important to remember that this series with science-fiction overtones has been able to create a huge community of fans. It is definitely quite popular and famous!