multiverse3There are a couple of things that you should know about Dragon Ball Z Multiverse if you’re totally interested in knowing more about this Manga. Generally, this version serves as a sequel to the manga and it is available as an online comic version, which is actually quite free. It is actually a dojinshi, which means that it has been made by fans. Fans have created a manga using characters which are not their own. Two die-hard fans known as Gogeta Jr and Salagir from France were able to draft this comic. Salagir is the author of the manga whereas Gogeta Jr served as the main artist for this online fan comic book. One can definitely see the amount of craziness that surrounds Dragon Ball.

multiverse1However, other fans of Dragon Ball would want to know if it is actually worth their time. Some of the fans would still want to read it because they love everything which is associated with Dragon Ball. You should know that the plot contains a wide variety of different universes. The different universes are invited for participation in a one-time event, which would be held in Universe 0. The Universe 0 does not have any sign of life at all. They can utilize their full power. Multi-verse theory has been applied to this story, which means that each universe is a separate timeline or rather an alternate one. Whoever wins the competition would get three wishes from the Namekian Dragon Porunga, which can be acquired from their own universe. However, they can also get Dragonballs from other universes. The Supreme Kais also known as the Kaioshins are hosting the tournament. Once the winner is decided, then all the different links amongst the universes would be sealed permanently. In the comic version, there are around 20 universes that have their unique dragon ball stories. Therefore, it is a lot of fun all rolled into one comic version of the Dragon Ball Z, which is definitely an interesting lure for many fans of

multiverse2You would also be quite happy to find out that this is just not available in the online version, but it has been made into a novel as well. However, it is quite unlike to reading a manga, which is printed from right to left, because this has been printed from left to right. Therefore, there are many opportunities for other fans as well because who knows when inspiration can hit and you might want to contribute in a sequel, as well? You can perhaps create a Dragon Ball Z Multiverse, as well.