There is no doubt that there is a variety of talented artwork that is being produced these days. The fine line that exists between an amateur and a professional is disappearing since Internet has made it possible for everyone’s amazing work to be recognized. Dragon Ball is definitely a popular part of our culture, which is why one Chinese Painter creates realistic depictions of Dragon Ball’s Villains. This is done in an excellent and unique style, and since Dragon Ball’s fans are quite ‘fanatic’ to say the least, the depictions have spread like wildfire all over the Internet.

The different characters of this imminent part of our pop culture have been painted with a true sense of realism. Of course the characters are depicted in true Chinese style. This is definitely something new for all the fans of Dragon Ball, because while there have been comic books created by fans along with new games that are always coming out, along with a television series, this is something quite unique and different. You have to understand that art has expanded into different realms and who would have thought that a Chinese depiction is also possible of the originally Japanese characters? This is true inspiration and of course, recognition of the globalization of the world, where Internet makes works popular and gives recognition to different people.

Our favorite King Piccolo has been depicted as well, and he is definitely scary! And then the demon Man Buu has also been shown in his most vivid form and looking at the picture gives people creeps. Cell is no longer different using a blend of purple and green colors and providing the right monstrous appeal. Ginyu has his mouth set in the typical style as if he is just out to get you. And then Dr. Gero’s depiction is as accurate as it can get. The Mercenary Tao is a mercenary in the typical Chinese fashion, with the right kind of evil touch and twist to him.

And of course, there is some definite good news for all the crazy fans out there. These pictures are just not a feast for their eyes, but then you also have to understand that if some company was to take on the mission for a live action feature of Dragon Ball, this would totally be it. This mysterious Chinese painter’s work can actually be made into proper actions figures. Therefore, the news Chinese Painter creates actual depictions of Dragon Ball’s villains is definitely an interesting one!