dragonball_af2All Dragon Ball Z fans would definitely agree that the fandom has always been quite crazy. There are many rumors, and there are new stories and fan-created versions always happening all the time. There is simply no doubt about that. It does not really matter whatever the version is; what people truly want is new stories of Dragon Ball coming in all the time to keep them happy and occupied.

There was a rumor that when Dragon Ball GT was about to finish running on television in 1997, there would be a new series called Dragon Ball Z AF. This was simply not true and it was simply hope on part of the crazy fans around the world. These fans just wanted the series to continue on forever. However, there is more to the story than meets the eye, which is why this article shares some information with you.

dragonball_af1You should know that this was created by a fan whose identity is unknown, and this particular fan simply wanted a fourth anime series of the Dragon Ball. The rumor was obviously spread through the Internet, which an image popping up on the web of the Super Saiyan Goku, which had the Dragon Ball AF logo on it. This eventually spread like wildfire, as rumors often do on the Internet. From there, the story continued on, since numerous other fans started creating their own versions of the Dragon Ball AF, along with their illustrations, action figures, episode listings, videos, and even some fan based manga that was based on the different rumors circulating around the web.

People started creating more images and pictures, which were shared all over the Internet. However, this was simply a desire of the fans to keep on living with their characters. You would find that people still want this series so bad that the rumor is as strong that the new series from Toei would be of the same name and would come within the next two years. Gullible fans continue to believe this story and henceforth, the cycle tends to continue. However, people should know that there is no validity that surrounds these images and pictures, so they should not fall for it. Furthermore, there has been no official announcement from Toei Animation, which means that a new anime series is not going to be happening. There are no reviews or articles in any Japanese magazines for the Dragon Ball Z AF. Therefore, people should just stop looking.