Dragon Ball Plot The main character of the Dragon Ball Series is Goku. Goku is a monkey-tailed boy who took various trainings in martial arts starting from his childhood until he became a youth. Goku befriended Bulma and helped her get the dragon balls, which summons the dragon Shenlong. The person, who gets the seven dragon balls, can get one of his / her wish accomplished.

When they started the journey, they met the desert bandit Yamcha. After a short while, she became a friend of Goku. On the way, Goku met Chi-Chi. She asked Goku to marry her, and unknowingly Goku agreed to marry her.

Then Goku met Pilaf, who had a great desire to rule the world by getting the seven dragon balls. Pilaf accompanied two minions, and he fought several times with Goku, who repeatedly defeated him and his companions.

nvented the famous Kamehameha technique. Goku trained with Kame-Sennin so that he can fight in the famous Tenkaichi Budōkai(Strongest under the Heavens Martial Arts Tournament). A monk named Kuririn also got trained by Kame-Sennin. Initially, Kuririn acted as a rival to Goku, but finally they became friends.

dragonball_plotmartial art instructor, who iAfter the tournament, Goku started searching for the seven dragon balls. Meanwhile, his grandfather passed on. Then he fought with Red Ribbon Army and their hired assassin Taopaipai. In this battle, Goku lost one of his friends. Then Goku started sought for the 7th ball and after getting that, he revived his friend who was killed by Taopaipai.

After three years, Goku went again to the tournament, Tenkaichi Budōkai, with his allies. They fought and opposed Tsuru-Sennin and his students Tenshinhan and Chaozu, who are rivals of his master Kame-Sennin. In this battle, Goku‘s friend Kuririn was killed. After the death of Kuririn, Goku was defeated by Piccolo Daimao, who killed Kuririn.

gokuKidPlotGoku went to the martial arts master Kame-Sennin. Kame-Sennin was also known as Master Roshi. He was a perverted After the defeat, Samurai Yajirobe took Goku to the hermit Karin, where he received a lot of energy and power. During this period, Piccolo fought with Kame-Sennin and Chaozu. In the battle, Kame-Sennin and Chaozu were killed, and Piccolo went to get the dragon balls in order to get his youth back and to destroy Shenlong thereafter. Goku went again, fought with Piccolo and killed him. Piccolo spawned his son Piccolo Jr before dying.

Karin then told Goku how to reach Kami-Sama, the original creator of Dragon balls, so that he could restore the Shenlong and can revive his friend. Goku took a three-year training under Kami and then reunited all his friends for the battle of Tenkaichi Budōkai, where he fought with the son of Piccolo and defeated him. Goku then met Chi-Chi to keep his promise of marrying her.

dragon_ball_plot2After five years of marriage, Goku had a son named Gohan, he then met Raditz, who came on earth from some other planet. Raditz then reminded Goku that they were brothers sent to earth on an errand to conquer it because their race was almost extinct on earth. Then Goku refused to go on the mission which made him fight Raditz and defeated him. In the afterlife, Goku trained under North Kaio and at that time, Goku was revived by the Dragon balls so that he could save the earth.

In the next battle, most of the companions of Goku were killed and dragon balls seized to exist. Then Bulma, Gohan and others went in search of a new planet named Namek, so that they can revive their friends who were killed, and brought back dragon balls on the earth. Later in the battle of Freeza, Goku transformed himself into a Super Saiyan of legends.

In the next battle, Red ribbon army created a group of Androids to avenge Goku. Meanwhile, Cell emerged as an evil life form, Goku fought with it and sacrificed his life to no avail. Finally,Gohan, son of Goku, avenged his father and defeated Cells.

After seven years, Goku rejuvenated for a single day and fought Majin Boowith his allies. Goku destroyed Boo with a Genki-dama, and prayed god to reincarnate him as a “good person”.

After ten years, Goku went to Tenkaichi Budōkaiand and met the Oob, the human re-incarnation of Boo. This match didn’t end there  and Goku took Oob with him to train him, so that Oob will become the new savior of the earth.