friezaFrieza is a prominent villain in the Dragon Ball series. He is a famous emperor who controls the Planet Trade and is feared for his power and ruthlessness. He is the father of Kuriza, younger brother of Cooler, son of King Cold and descendant of Chilled. His name was coined from a rephrase of the word “Freezer”.

Akira Toriyama revealed that he created Frieza with a collection of features he thought monsters looked like during his childhood days. However, Daizenshuu also revealed that Yu Kondo (Akira’s second editor) was the inspiration behind the formation of the character “Frieza”. Daizenshuu 2 also revealed that the economic bubble that occurred in Japan when he was writing Saiyan Saga was responsible for the creation of the character “Frieza”. According to them, Frieza depicts the real estate speculators who Akira considers as the “worst sort of people”.

Frieza is one of the few villains in the Dragon Ball that has a range of transformations that are quite different from each other. It was later confirmed by Frieza and Prince Vegeta that Frieza’s most powerful form (fourth form) is actually his original form while the other three forms suppresses his power and conserves it to keep him under control.  Frieza’s forms shows a perfect blend of Japanese and western views of demons. Akira Toriyama revealed in an interview with Shonen Jump that, Frieza’s fourth form was made to appear harmless and small because he wanted to switch between telling an straightforward story and an unconventional one by going against the normal societal expectations that strong characters always get bigger and stronger.

The name “Frieza” is a pun on everything relating to the cold. Frieza ends with a short “a” vowel and is spelt with an “a” at the end (as opposed to Freezer from which the name was coined).

He was portrayed as a galactic emperor who is instrumental in the Planet Trade Organization which was predominantly occupied by Saiyans.  It is believed that he controlled over 79 planets until his death. His brother, Cooler revealed in Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge that Frieza controlled the northern quadrant of the universe and creates armies from the planets he conquers. He was aware of the Legend of The Super Saiyan which revealed that a Saiyan (Super Saiyan with exceptional powers will defeat him but he dismissed it as mere mythology. However, with the rapid evolution of Saiyans with exceptional powers, he began to believe that the legend may be true.